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Church REvitalization

Don't Stay Stuck!

All organizations get stuck from time to time or need assistance in strengthening their strategies and/or ministries!  We believe that sometimes churches need help from the outside, when requested, to provide them with a REnewed lens to look through in order to discover solutions that work in their context and culture.  

We offer the following (and more):

RE-Structure: goal is to align the church ministries for optimal effectiveness by rebuilding an intentional structure (Personnel, Budget, Decision Making, Legal and Administrative Affairs, Facilities, Calendar) that can carry the strategy to success. 

RE-Tool: goal is to provide training for certain church members that are key leaders in order for them to lead effectively in a revitalization effort. 

RE- Form: goal is to lead an existing church to start over as a church plant with a sponsor SCS church. 

RE-Merge: goal is to merge a struggling church(es) with a healthy church for Kingdom effectiveness.

RE-Fresh: goal is to assist an existing church to become a part of another “central” church by becoming a satellite campus of the central church. 

RE-Vision: goal is to guide a church through a comprehensive strategic process involving four phases: Spiritual Renewal, Church Assessment, Holistic Strategic Planning and Intentional Implementation. (The last phase includes 6-12 months of coaching, training as needed and accountability.) 

If you are interested in learning more, please contact any of our Staff.

Church REvitalization

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