Strategic Church Solutions Partners

Strategic Church Solutions partners with Christ-honoring churches and non-profit organizations committed to the advancement of God's kingdom. 

Partner Requirements:


  • Affirm the confession, "God is holy. We are sinful, separated by our sin. Jesus died to bear God's wrath on our behalf and gives us life as we repent and place our lifelong faith in Him."    (1 Corinthians 15:1-8)



  • Engage in regular financial support and participation in Strategic Church Solutions.


  • Participate in a vetting process. Each prospective partner will participate in a vetting process with the Executive Leadership Team (ELT) to ensure: mutual respect, commonality of basic Christian beliefs and the desire to collaborate with a diversity of Christian Partners.


  • ​If after such vetting and dialogue, both the ELT and prospective partner is in harmony with each other, the ELT will recommend to the Strategic Church Solutions at a regular business meeting that the prospective partner become a full Strategic Church Solutions partner. A two-thirds majority vote is necessary for acceptance of a new partner.

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Georgetown, TX 78627

​​Telephone : ​512-930-0965


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