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Church Planting

Our Philosophy:              Churches start churches!

We believe it takes all types, sizes, locations and models of Christ-centered, Bible focused churches to impact our world.  Therefore, we are ready to come alongside of a sponsor partner church to assist them in this collaborative endeavor through assessing, coaching, training, funding and advising church planters.  

Current New Works

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Our 5 Phase Approach is available for viewing on our site on a non-mobile device

Identification Phase: High potential church planters will be identified and assessed for possible consideration for a new work.  The potential Church Planter will be introduced to Williamson Baptist Association's philosophy and phases for new works:

Missiology:  WBA is on mission for the Great Commission.  We believe God has called us to partner with local churches to plant more churches to reach our world with the good news of Jesus.  

Opportunities: There are a vast array of opportunities to start churches in Central Texas. There is currently a church to population ration of 4 churches for every 10,000 people.  The need for church plants in Central Texas is dire.  

Philosophy:  Churches start churches!  WBA does not start churches independently of other churches, we only start churches in conjunction with local churches.  Each new work should be intentional about becoming independent from the sponsoring church.  Every new church must have at least one sponsoring partner church that agrees to support, in some form, the Church Planter. Many doctrinal issues concerning the church planter's qualifications, background or approach are resolved with the sponsoring church. We come alongside the sponsor church and Church Planter to assist them in achieving their mission.

Methodology: We have no one pre-determined method or model for a new work.  We realize God uses all types of personalities, styles, models, and churches to reach all types of people.  We are open to any method that is Biblical, ethical and Christ-centered.

Assessment: Each potential Church Planter will be required to complete an assessment which may include such things as behavioral tendencies, personality, skills, character and the like.  

Recruitment: Recruitment is contingent upon the results from the assessment, agreement with WBA's philosophy and other relevant information.  Recruitment does not guarantee sponsorship or funding, however, it does provide for an individual to be included on the WBA potential Church Planter list and enables WBA to become more intentional in its efforts to assist the potential Church Planter and possible sponsor churches.  



Preparation Phase: During this phase the potential Church Planter will meet with the Director, or his designee, to assist the potential Church Planter in his completion of the planning documentation necessary for moving to the next phase. There is no time limit for this phase, once the documentation has been completed, the potential Church Planter will move to the next phase.  

Documentation: The following planning items must be completed, in writing, to move to the next phase:

New Work Form detailing your Mission, Vision, Core Values and Strategy Plan

Ministry Action Plan detailing your goals and actions steps

Annual Budget Proposal

"Score-card" of measurements that match the approach or model to be used to evaluate your church plants progress

New Work Annual Worksheet

Connection Phase: During this phase commitments will be asked of the potential Church Planter, sponsor church and WBA.

Matching: If the potential Church Planter has not already connected to a sponsor church or churches, WBA will attempt to connect high potential Church Planters with possible church sponsors.  WBA may also help partner churches wishing to start a new work connect with high potential Church Planters.    

Funding: A portion of all funds given by Partners to our Ministry Budget goes to support this critical ministry area. Additionally, each sponsoring church generally contributes a monthly amount to supplement the funding.  At times, state conventions have generously funded new Church Plants as well.

Once a church sponsor has been enlisted, the potential Church Planter, along with the pastor of the primary church sponsor, will come before the WBA New Work Team to request funding.  This is the potential Church Planter's opportunity to cast his vision for the new work and answer questions from the Team.  The New Work Team will decide the amount of funding, if any and if approved for funding, the potential Church Planter agrees to abide by the WBA Funding Policies*.  

*(You may contact Mandy Bunn for detailed information regarding WBA's Funding Policies.)

Covenant: If funding is approved, the potential Church Planter, sponsor church representative and WBA representative will be required to sign a covenant which reflects the expectations and other relevant policies of WBA.  Additional covenants may be required if state conventions, other church planting networks or organizations are involved.  



Evaluation Phase: WBA will work directly with the Church Planter during this phase to offer training, coaching, support and monitoring.  

Training: Training may be encouraged or required for Church Planters, depending upon assessed needs.  Potential training could include:

Williamson Baptist Assocation foundational training and seminars

Forge Austin Missional Residency

PlantR Functional Church Planting Residency

PlantR Church Planting Finishing Residency

           Coaching: A coach will be assigned to the Church Planter by WBA no later than the Evaluation Phase.


           Support and Monitoring:  WBA will monitor and support the new work and Church Planter through the following 


Meetings -    The Church Planter, sponsor church representative and WBA Staff will meet in

the Fall, Spring and Summer each year for review.

The Church Planter and coach will meet at least once a month between each review.

The Church Planter and sponsor church representative will meet annually with the New Work Team for continued funding decisions.

Monthly Reports - Monthly reports will be submitted to WBA after the last Sunday of each month.

Mandatory Training and Development Opportunities - The Church Planter will attend various training and development opportunities as required by WBA and the sponsor church at no cost to the Church Planter.  

Incorporation Phase: During this phase WBA will assist the new work and Church Planter in becoming an independent, incorporated church.  Once this process has been achieved, the new church will be presented to the Williamson Baptist Association partner network at a regular meeting (Fall or Spring) for approval to becoming a partner church.  WBA offers trained, qualified consultants with business backgrounds to assist the Church Planter in this phase.

Contact Us:  To set up an appointment to discuss partnering with Williamson Baptist Associations in our Planting Churches area of service, please contact Us.

Church Planting
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