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Christian Spiritual Direction 

       Christian Coaching  

Christian Consulting

Christian Counseling

We all believe in the life-long process of spiritual formation to become more like Jesus and want to serve our Pastors, Ministry Staff and their families.

This strategic focus area refers to a variety of formation experiences designed to guide an individual into the authentic, healthy, and complete person full of vibrancy that God intended.  It is a holistic approach to becoming Christ like in all domains of our humanness.  (Physical, Emotional, Cognitive, Volitional, Behavioral and Soul.)  Such experiences include:

Assistance to help offset costs for professional counseling and therapy. 

Shepherding services - Biblical counseling, spiritual guidance, peer groups, coaching and life planning. 

Enrichment retreats and fellowship opportunities. 

Succession Planning and Exit Strategies. 

Short term sabbaths and getaways. 

Scholarships to help offset costs to attend certain approved conferences for self care and skill improvement. 

Training to enhance effectiveness in ministry

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Christian Spiritual Direction is fundamentally the art of listening to the soul journey of another. It is not therapy. It is not being taught life principles. It is a conversation in which the director or guide creates a space for grace, using questions, so that in the experience of the person sharing their answers the Holy Spirit reveals truth and clarification to the person's current reality in their walk with Jesus. (Number of sessions varies. Conversation oriented)

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Christian Coaching is an intentional process in which an experienced person, called a coach, supports a learner in achieving a specific personal or professional goal by providing training, guidance and accountability.  (Usually involves a set number of sessions using a very specific behavioral model with steps for results. Performance oriented)

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Christian Consulting is an intentional strategy in which someone with expertise in a specified field, after a professional assessment, provides advice or recommendations to an organization to guide them to explore their options as they make organizational decisions. (Usually involves several elements over a certain time period and is related to a specific challenge. Organizational effectiveness oriented)

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Christian Counseling is a process by a trained and qualified individual to assist people to discover solutions to the challenges in their life. It has a pastoral type of tone but is not limited to pastors. The solutions are Biblically based and Christ centered. Should the need arise, an individual may be referred to a professional that can provide a different type of counseling. (A variety of techniques and methods are often used. Number of sessions varies. Solutions oriented)



If you are interested in learning more, please contact any of our Staff.

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