Mission: The Strategic Church Solutions mission serves as our mandate in all that we do through our collaborative efforts.

Serving Together to Reveal Christ

 Vision: If we are intentional in living out our mission, we believe we, as a network, will create a preferred future where we are all engaged in the process of Spirit-led transformation.

Catalysts Cultivating Change for Vibrant Life

 Core Values: Serve as our non-negotiables and motivate us to work out of our mission to move us toward our  vision.

 Collaborative Community demonstrated by:

  • Working together for greater results

  • Sharing needs and resources

  • Hearing God speak through others

  • Asking powerful questions

  • Valuing and encouraging input

 Inclusive Diversity demonstrated by:

  • Multi-ethnic and socio-economic, Christian, autonomous churches

  • Varying church models and leadership styles

  • Varying church contexts and cultures

 Innovative Thinking demonstrated by:

  • Developing and celebrating new ideas and structures

  • Applications in new contexts and cultures

  • Risk taking for Kingdom Results

 Servant Leadership as demonstrated by:

  • Equipping others with a framework for success

  • Mentoring with mercy, truth and compassion

  • Prayerful listening and encouraging

  • Meeting needs and practicing hospitality

Core Belief: God is Holy. We are sinful, separated from God by our sin. Jesus died to bear God’s wrath on our behalf and gives us life as we repent and place our life long faith in him. (1 Corinthians 15:1-8)


Churches start churches!

We believe it takes all types, sizes, locations and models of Christ-centered, Bible focused churches to impact our world.  Therefore, we are ready to come alongside of a sponsor partner church to assist them in this collaborative endeavor through assessing, coaching, training, funding and advising church planters.  

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Jesus, through His Spirit, transforms people!

We believe in the life-long process of spiritual formation in which the inner person is transformed to be more and more like Jesus Himself to the point in which a person begins to automatically feel, think and act like Jesus in the outer world. 

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"Don't stay stuck!"


All organizations get stuck from time to time or need assistance in strengthening their strategies and/or ministries!  We believe that sometimes churches need help from the outside, if requested, to provide them with a "new lens" to look through in order to discover solutions that work in their context and culture.  In addition, we know that training existing leaders is a must for effectiveness.


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