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Don't Stay Stuck!

All organizations get stuck from time to time or need assistance in strengthening their strategies and/or ministries!  We believe that sometimes churches need help from the outside, when requested, to provide them with a "new lens" to look through in order to discover solutions that work in their context and culture.  In addition, we know that training existing leaders is a must for effectiveness.

This strategic focus area refers primarily to our customized consulting, educating and training that we conduct at your request, most often, on your site, with your people.  (There are times that certain aspects of these services are conducted in our training room.)

Most of our services in this area would fit under the examples below:


Strategic Planning by Request - We offer a variety of processes to help a church get "unstuck" or simply to discover a "new direction" for the next 1-3 years of its life.  We offer no preset formulas or products.  Each process is based upon systems theory, qualitative research and created by each church's "strategic planning group" as we facilitate the group through an intentional, prayerful process of revelation and discovery for their context and culture.  (Options from a one day event to a 6-9 month process.)

Consultations by Request - We offer assessments with written recommendations concerning such areas as finances/budget, personnel structure, facility use, parking and ministry design.

Training by Request - We will come to your site and offer "skill type training" or "how to" seminars, of varying types and lengths, for your teachers, teams and leaders. (Examples might be such seminars as Teaching for Transformation, How to Facilitate a Small Group, Using Teams Effectively, Ministry Staff Development, Assimilation Strategies, Volunteer Deployment Processes, Efficient Committee Work, Search Committee Training and more.)


Referrals - At times, we may refer you to a qualified professional for such needs as counseling, conflict resolution, church administration matters (IRS, Accounting, Law) and crisis management.  

 If you are interested in learning more, please contact any of our Staff. 

Discovering Solutions

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